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The RP Forum Laws

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1The RP Forum Laws Empty The RP Forum Laws on Wed Mar 06, 2013 7:03 pm

Rhaevnn Xeno

Rhaevnn Xeno
Forum God
Forum God
Right then - so. You wanna make an RP? First thing first: Awesome! But there are some ways that we would like you to do it around here.

Law #1: Thou shalt make 2 threads
It makes it a lot easier for players (and GMs, you will find out later) if you make two threads for your RP- the actual RP thread and the OOC thread. This way, everything is easy, organized, and etc. And don't forget to label them! Basically, a thread title should look something like this:

"The Great Adventure (RP)"
"The Great Adventure (OOC)"

(And really, if you don't no one is going to kill you if you don't. But you might anger the RP gods. Just saying >.>)

Law #2: Thou shalt not dispute the laws of the Forum
Basically, don't be stupid and make something that goes against the forum laws of conduct. C'mon now, they're there for a reason.

Law #3: GM word is law
Obviously, while Forum Laws still apply, a GM is the master of his/her game. If you get booted from their game because the GM says so, they have the power to do so. However, if you feel if you were treated extremely (notice the emphasis) unfairly and/or if you feel they broke the forum rules, that's when you contact an admin/mod. Seriously, don't drag an admin/mod into a forum fight because you decided to go against the physics and/or rules of the GM's RP.

Law #4: Have fun
After all, this is why (hopefully) you RP. Seriously, why else would you be here? O_o


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