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The Forum Laws

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1The Forum Laws Empty The Forum Laws on Wed Mar 06, 2013 7:29 pm

Rhaevnn Xeno

Rhaevnn Xeno
Forum God
Forum God
So, as any game, there must be set of rules. Obviously, while the GMs will have full reign over their own created worlds and will be able to decree their own games laws, there are some things that honestly should not be included on any forum. This is where the Forum Laws would come in:

Law #1: Keep It Civil
I cannot stress this enough. For the love of everything that is holy in this world, play nice. Too many times, a great story/RPG has been ruined simply because people can't play nicely. If you cannot play nicely with someone, it would be best to simply ignore them, avoid them, and/or confront the person about the issue calmly. If we can't play nice, a Admin/Mod will have to step in - trust me, the Forum Gods will not be pleased if this happens. So play nicely! ^_^

Law #2: Language
Look, most of us on here are going to swear, either ooc or ic. *Shrug* It's whatever, it's going to happen. However, please use common sense and avoid things that are racist and/or extremely offensive. Seriously, if you wouldn't say it the person face to face, it's probably a good idea not to type it either. Aaand for those who would say such things as "nigger" or "You're a cunt" to a person's face - just don't. It'll make things a lot easier around here.

Law #3: "Those" Scenes And The Above
I get it. Sometimes characters have romantic encounters and they feel the need to have sex and blah blah blah. However, it doesn't mean that you should blatantly express it because Lord knows everyone doesn't want to know how your thief banged the hot bar maid in the kinkiest manner possible. Therefore, please, for everyone's sanity and for everyone's eyesight, keep it the PMs if you must go into detail. As for porn and the like, just don't. You never know what age group is looking at the forums aaand I'd rather not be sued because Bobby saw a set of boobies before his parents thought it was ok.

Law #4: Plagiarism
Or for those who don't know what this word means, "Stealing an idea/writing of somebody." Taking someone's character, taking someone's idea for an RP, taking whatever writing that isn't yours is generally frowned upon. Seriously. I mean, I get if you want to make a character named Harry Potter who went to Hogwarts, became a wizard, etc. That's fine. However, taking someone's original character and RPing them in another RPG here is a big nono. Do so and you will be smited. On the spot. No questions asked, no mercy shown.

Law #5: Have Fun
Because at the end of the day, that's why we're all here. Wink

Enjoy the forums guys! :3


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