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Land of Biater: Kraken Island (OOC)

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1Land of Biater: Kraken Island (OOC) Empty Land of Biater: Kraken Island (OOC) on Sun Aug 20, 2017 11:18 pm

Rhaevnn Xeno

Rhaevnn Xeno
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Forum God
~Rhaevnn Xeno Proudly Presents~

Land of Biater: Kraken Isle

For those specially invited, Land of Biater (BEE-AY-TUR): Kraken Isle will hold a world that was the summer mindchild of Rhaevnn Xeno. On this fateful summer, this island was summoned from the game of D&D 5e and was placed into reality as a land that held a low fantasy reality for adventurers and villain alike.

For those invited, I welcome you to this mysterious island, one that has only recently (in the past century) been colonized by humans, where they discovered a far superior majority of dwarves under the island's massive mountain chain. Through a pact of mutual gain and interest, both dwarves and humans now have began exploring the island's vastly


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