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Playground of the Omniverse IC

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Whatever this stranger was doing, Missile could definitely appreciate the violence of it in the way one might appraise the Mona Lisa. Stylish, a strange flourish, and perhaps something familiar about it from stories she'd read once upon a time of heroes and gods.

Oh well!

She withdrew her vectors, the three still grasping the window, and as she readied to drop back to the floor, something snapped around her ankle. The monster's screaming made her ears ache as she was yanked away from the window, her vectors ripping the wood from the nails holding them in place as she tried to process it. Something in her ankle hurt, but so many things had hurt in the past that the strange electrical pain felt more like a hum in her nervous system.

The world tasted sideways for a moment before she realized she was actually upside-down, and her grin vanished. "Bitch." She cracked her shoulders a bit before tilting her head back to stare at the monster. A straight shot down its gullet, eh? Her lips twitched into a smile for a moment before she tilted her head back again to see what Fitz was doing.

He was running from the room?!!? Her eyes widened and her heart pounded in fury as she shot her vectors out, grabbing various bits of flesh of the beast and snarling to herself, "Humans, can't live with them, can't live without them, but I'll fucking make do!" Two vectors snapped the 'tongues,' leaving the barbs in her ankle for removal later, and she threw herself down its throat with a deep, heavy breath.

Distantly, she heard a voice shouting at the head of the monster, but as she found herself in the throat of a beast, she didn't care. Slime and muck made her grip difficult, but her vectors found purchase through its flesh as she grasped a protrusion and ripped it. Blood poured down her arms and she ignored it, staring around the assumed torso of the thing as she searched for its heart. Might not kill it, but would slow the bitch down.

Four vectors holding her safely away from its stomach, Missile clawed her way from its throat and into the thorax,  gingerly letting snippets of the inhaled breath leave her lungs every few seconds, and at last, she found the heart. A strange thing, indescribable really, and she wrapped her hands around it, grinning. Time to get your heart broken, sweetheart! Wrenching it back and forth with all the strength her frame could muster, she felt the veins and arteries attached to it snapping and spraying crimson all over her head and face. She tucked the heart under the collar of her shirt, not noticing the blood staining her beloved Iron Maiden shirt. Viscera continued to stain her clothes as six other vectors began to rip at the rest of its innards, intent on doing as much damage to vitals as possible, as the remaining thirteen began pulling and tearing at the layers of skin keeping her from precious air. The lack of bone made this much easier to accomplish and the moment a large enough rip formed in the skin, oxygen flooded the cavity and she took a deep, grateful breath before launching herself from its middle, still pulling on its innards as she flung herself at the ceiling on the farthest side of the room from the thing.

Which, admittedly, was hard as it was still fucking growing. She spat blood on the ground as she crouched on the ceiling, one hand finally ripping the barbed tongue piece from her ankle, and she lifted her head to watch Fitz once more.

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Fitz felt the heat given off by Halcyon and turned to watch how the worm would react, but his eyes drifted from the worm to the stranger. Oh. She’s getting eaten. Fitz thought as he continued to run. Fantastic.

Damn it…

Fitz skidded to a halt and threw himself in the other direction. “HALCYON!! This isn’t working!” Fitz shouted “Get back here and give me 10%!” He wasn't about to run off while someone is getting eaten by a stupid worm, be her a friend or not. Halcyon turned and chuckled; it was the first time in a long time that Fitz had asked for his help. “So we’re going overkill on this, are we?” Halcyon vanished instantly and and reentered Fitz’s body and began feeding him power.

The last time Fitz used 10% of Halcyon’s power, the castle spent 2 weeks repairing the walls that he had blown through when a stray shadow aura blast was misfired in the courtyard. Halcyon was immensely stronger than Fitz, that much was known by both of them. As Halcyon seeped Shadow power into Fitz’s soul, his appearance changed; he skin was given a dark tint, and his entire eye lost color and faded to black. His muscles rippled and grew, threatening to burst through his, already tight, leather trench coat. Fitz dashed towards the worm and gained a sadistic smile; it was in pain. The lady must still be alive, Fitz thought, and is giving that worm HELL. He smiled at the thought of the woman shredding the insides of the worm. Well then, Halcyon thought, How are we going to use that to our advantage? Fitz wracked his brain Hmmm... He thought, If I can get the worm outside, we can be a bit more… destructive, in killing it. If we can push him at any time, it would be now. Fitz grinned ruthlessly, But if we can incinerate it… that would be efficient. He all of a sudden realized how barbaric he was acting. It was odd to see Fitz acting so brutal, but Halcyon not only changes his appearance when he seeps power, but also his soul. It’s nice, Fitz thought, to act like this sometimes...

Fitz dashed around the worm, and, while continuing to circle it, looked up. The woman rocketed out of the worm and had landed on the ceiling, and was removing the bit of tentacle that was stuck on her ankle. 'Perfect.' Fitz thought, realizing she was safe, for now, 'Now I don’t have to hold back.' He bolted towards the worm and laid his hands on him, making sure he was facing the window. Looking up with a smile, he uttered “Auf Weidersehen, son of a-” and unleashed a gigantic Halcyonic Shadow Blast at point blank.

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Rhaevnn Xeno

Rhaevnn Xeno
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~In The Beginning~
Time: Third Hour and Three Quarters of HighTime

Old Boar's Inn; Second Floor

The display of gore and power, the destruction of the the worms innards, the fresh coat of paint-ermImean-blood that was plastered on the walls, the general amount of screaming from all parties present was absolutely glorious - some battle god in some far reach would be well pleased.

The worm itself was struggling as Missle cannonballed out of its skin, the beast now writhing in pain, once powerful screams quickly dropped in volume and pitch as it struggled to repair itself. Its form began to change, though something strange was again happening. From the exit wound that Missle had exploded from a shower blood and gore, something desperately tried to wiggle its way from the beasts insides. It half emerged, panting and screaming as it did to reveal its identity: Bess.

"Oh mah gawd, halp! Some'wan, any'wan! Hal-!!" However, she was cut off as she was pulled back into the worm's insides with a terrified scream, as the beast again began to transform, its form leaving that of a worm and taking on the form of a blob of flesh, rising and oozing into a standing form.

However, neither Missle or FitzHalcyon would be able to see what it had truly become, for the wrath of a god's shadows ripped through and around it, sending it smashing through the wall and window, leaving a gaping hole in the side of the room as a farewell was uttered.

"Auf Weidersehen, son of a-”

As rubble and the burning of shadow essence tumbled out of the building and into whatever street or alley below, FitzHalceyon and Missle would be left with the screams of the demon-shifter and a odd silence in the now destroyed inn room, free to do whatever they pleased.

Well, in theory anyway.

If they chose to converse to each other, FitzHalceyon and Missle would only have a brief moment to speak, for a voice as low as thunder boomed from the doorway. A gigantic golden mace was lazily resting on his ripped, vested shoulders, impressive brawn and strength rippling under his furred arm as he slowly raised his gnarled hands to accusingly point in the direction of lost god and diclonius:

"...What the hell have you done to my inn...?"

The Boar's eye glared at them with the fury of an elder god as he waited their response...


The Lows; Old Boar's Inn Western Alley
[Chad M.F.]

In truth, Chad's plan was a great one - brilliant, even. However, as it is jokingly referred to as the number one rule of The Crossroads, "Nothing can go according to plan." Just when Chad was going to initiate his plan, the worst possible situation just became even worse.

With a tremendous explosion of brick, wood, and dark flames, the side of the building exploded from the second story. Chad's harassers let out a shout of fear and panic as the rubble fell from the heavens. For Chad, the chaos would be the same, and for all who in that alleyway, death would fall from the sky.

However, by the grace of some guardian angel, benevolent god, or by some kiss of Lady Luck, Chad's murderer actually saved him. A chunk of brick had landed on top of the pair, slaying the ratman instantly, but saving Chad's life - though a few crushed bones would be painfully apparent, if not minor puncture wounds from the ratman's crushed and splintered body.

And unfortunately for Chad, these injuries or the brick wall that pinned him to the ground would be the least of his worries.

From the wreckage and cries of the wounded (the bird humanoid would be screaming about a broken leg while the zombie girl pulled her torso from the wreckage, hair burning in a shadowy fire), a giant blob began to pull itself together, forming into a hideous creature that gargled its war cry to the Hightime sky...


Tutmose; ???

However, as Marn rose with his pounding head threatening to sweep his feet from out underneath him, he would find that such a thought was easier in theory in actual doing. The half-dozen of guards had rushed him from all sides, quickly creating a tight knit formation, a net pulling over their prey. However, as much as his magic had not worked, it still proved effective. The guards' armor had resisted the initial charge, causing the charge to avoid inflicting pain from the magical attack.

However, fate was kind to Marn, as technology and a sudden burst of electricity usually don't mix - in this instance, it would be no different. The guards shouted in surprise, then pain as their armor short-circuited. The result? Extraordinary.

While most of them would be jumping about as if they were being stung by bees, three of the guards would have the misfortune of actually catching fire, flailing their limbs as they screamed for help - all of the chaos Marn would need to stumble his way to the door frame of the grand room and into a hall, where a throng of people were running wildly or walking confidently, depending on their personality. Many were holding bags stuff with parchment or other personal belongings as they funneled to the right. Their garb would range from a grand science fiction latex suits to grand clothing (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)  With any luck and a little bit of acting, Marn could act as if he had been part of the attack, rather than the "attacker." From a quick glance, Marn could see several doors led off from the hall, obviously to different parts of the elaborate, assumed palace.

However, at the end of the hall, lay a grand double doored gate, where many were fleeing in a panicked state and many security and guard were running to find the intruder...

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Missile tried - in vain, anyway - to wipe the blood from her face and grimaced some at the further smearing over her arm - then realized her beloved Iron Maiden shirt was completely soaked in crimson. Dammit, how was she supposed to wash that off?!

"Oh mah gawd, halp! Some'wan, any'wan! Hal-!!" The diclonius's eye twitched as she stared at Bess - when had she gotten caught!? Shit, shit, shit, shit, the Boar would have her head!!! Before she could try to pull the hated vampiress from the guts, she disappeared, and she stared as the beast morphed into another form. Oh, shit.

Dark, warping shadows blasted it from the room and she walked over to the edge, staring down into the alleyway below and hearing the monster continue to shriek. "Fuck!" She grabbed the side of the wall, getting ready to jump down, and she looked over at Fitz. "Hurry up, fucker, we're in a crisis here, it ate the bitchy waitress!" Her vectors grabbed the remnants of the walls, lifting her into the air, and she froze when she heard the Boar's signature rumble.

Her feet touched back down and she looked over her shoulder, chewing on her lip. "One of your patrons was trying to eat me and Bess while we were having a disagreement." She doubted that the Boar was ignorant of their occasional scuffle. "I got out but it took her out of the room and now she's down there with the damn thing." More importantly, she thought, she didn't want to lose Pullo his free room and board. "I'll fix the damn room, even paint it over if'n you like me to, but right now I'd like to keep all your workers in once piece, Boar, even if I don't exactly like her." She pointed her thumb down at the alley. "It changed shape, whatever the fuck it is."


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"Ah beautiful!" Chad rolls his eyes and exclaims sarcastically as the hideous monster formed itself before him. Chad's thoughts ran through his mind. "Not only am I trapped under a fat stinking rat, I am stuck under a fat stinking rat and a brick wall!" Chad winces in pain from the minor puncture wounds under the rubble on top of him. "And to top it all off, I have this bastard to take care of." The deformed monster released a horrid cry towards the sky. Chad struggles to free himself from the rubble, but fails. He looks back at the hideous monster and throws his head back to the sky. "Really, what will it take to see a pretty chick in this place? There should be at least ONE hot girl in this dump. I swear, I-" Chad stops mid-thought as he came up with yet another master plan to save himself.

"Wait... 'Dump!', my ship!" Chad smirks at his idea. "Although it's wrecked, my weapons are still in there and I can warp there to get them out!... But there is a flaw to that idea" Chad's smile fades into a more serious, concentrated look. "If I warp to my ship to get my weapons, I will be cornered by the monster and I will have no escape, meaning that I will have to fight it. However, my teleportation device needs a 10 second recharge before I can use it again, and I can make my escape by then. So I don't really need to fight it! I just need to survive 10 seconds... but I am not in best of conditions. I don't know how long I can last with my injuries, and even though I will have my weapons, this thing is completely unpredictable. I have no idea what it is capable of doing." Chad takes a deep breath and prepares himself for this dangerous stunt. "Here goes nothing!"

Chad activates his teleportation device and warps himself free from the rubble and to his wrecked ship. He quickly proceeded to open the hatch on the side of the ship to find his weapons miraculously undamaged. Chad pulls out his weapons and equipment as fast as he can before the monster could turn around and attack him. "Alright," Chad mutters to himself as he activates his katana ready to fight, "10 seconds is all I need."

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Marn was expecting a minor distraction from the sparks, but what he got boggled his already confused mind. He could only assume there had been spells on the soldiers and the electricity messed with them in some fashion. Still, he didn't have the time to think about that now.

Marn made it to the door without too much trouble, his feet roughly following his commands. When he got to the door, he was amazed. The palace didn't have halls half this size. It suddenly dawned on him that wherever he was, it was nowhere near home. Questions race through his mind about where he was, what had happened in the palace, and if he was the only one in the palace transported somewhere else. He stood their, stunned for a moment, before remembering that he was probably still in danger.

He shuffled his way into the crowd heading for the double doors, trying to look small, scared, and in pain, which wasn't hard for him at the moment. He briefly considered healing his wound, but then remembered what happened with his lightning magic and decided he should wait until he could find somewhere to sit and focus before trying to fix the head wound.

As he walked down the giant hall, he looked at the large number of guards heading to or already at the double doors and became slightly apprehensive. He didn't like his chances of passing by all them without any notice, and with his magic as unfocused as it was, there would probably be several civilians killed from his attacks alone, let alone those of the guards. Instead he turned and headed into one of the smaller doors to the side of the hall in hopes that he could find another exit, or at least an empty place to heal himself.

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The transforming demon shrieked as it was blasted through the wall and landed in the street. Fitz stood there, still in the same position, with a devilish smile on his face. The woman landed onto the floor and looked over the edge. "Fuck!” she muttered as she grabbedt the wall, getting ready to jump down. She looked over at Fitz. "Hurry up, fucker, we're in a crisis here, it ate the bitchy waitress!” As if by shock, Fitz returned to his normal form. “What?!?” Fitz’s head reeled; What was he thinking?? He could have completely incinerated an innocent person! He began to run towards the edge and prepared to attack the flesh monster when all of a sudden, a voice echoed through the destroyed room.

"...What the hell have you done to my inn...?"

It was Boar-Dude. Fitz ‘s eyes widened as he realized what they had done. The room, the wall, the doors; everything was destroyed. Fitz facepalmed Dammit Halcyon… Why did we have do that… Halcyon smirked internally. Well, there was a demon, and we are a bit thirsty for action- It was rhetorical you idiot! Fitz thought-shout at Halcyon. He was about to to explain himself when the woman with the horns began to reply, "One of your patrons was trying to eat me and Bess while we were having a disagreement." Perfect, Fitz thought, She’s explaining it rather… civil. "I got out but it took her out of the room and now she's down there with the damn thing. I'll fix the damn room, even paint it over if'n you like me to, but right now I'd like to keep all your workers in once piece, Boar, even if I don't exactly like her. "It changed shape, whatever the fuck it is." Fitz looked at the woman; definitely strong spirited and she had a good sense of morals, even though she was a bit rough around the edges. “I’ll help too. The wall was my fault anyway.” Fitz said as he turned towards the hole in the wall. “But now, we have a demon to deal with and a lady to-” Fitz was cut short by the sight of an… astronaut? He hadn't seen one of those since he had been on earth. “What is HE doing in there??”, pointing at the newcomer. Damn it, Fitz thought, this makes things a bit more convoluted… Halcyon. 10% again. Lets go. Halcyon began to pour on the power. Once more, Fitz’s muscles bulged, and his pupils blackened. And leapt into the alley.

“Yo! Astronaut dude! Need some help?” Fitz shouted as he hit the ground and summoned his swords, preparing to defend himself and his new acquaintances.

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This man before The Story Master was far more polite than the surly woman but still no comparison to Her Majesty’s men. The man lit up a cigar. He portrayed a complaisant nature that The Story Master deemed genuine; perhaps this man would see reason and release him.
The man smoked half the cigar and they sat in fairly comfortable silence until he fiddled with some papers and spoke,    

"It says here that you were care for under the house of Clavant?"

The Story Master nodded politely and replied, “Yes Sir.”

The man in uniform continued, "More directly, having some more definite connection with an Antony Savant?"

Again, politely he answered, “Indeed.”

Here the interrogator lost The Story Master’s favor. Bluntly he retorted,

"Let me be clear, sir. As I am sure you are aware, you are classified as a member of the Highs' Society. This, of course, is the only reason I made an appearance in representation of the Highs' Security Sector - otherwise, you would be under the scrutiny of Officer Mryandion."

Further dissatisfied with the interrogaertor’s manners he said, “In that case, I am grateful.” He had no clue who this Mryandion may be, but he would play along. In his frustration he began to notice his own fatigue.

What the interrogator said next he did not expect to hear, "The mentioned person, Antony Savant, is currently under investigation. Assuming that your connections with him are a serious as this," the file was raised in a gesture of implication, "describes, I can only assume that you know of his business and have had some sort of knowledge of possible whereabouts."

This was a tragedy. The Story Master felt a sense of mourning well within him. What could have caused this?! He gathered his thoughts and composure and spoke,
“I will tell you everything I know.” He sighed coolly. “I am aware of a single panic room in a hall adjoining his private quarters in the Savants’ Manor. It is innocent enough; it houses only supplies relevant to an emergency. This is the only thing to my knowledge that is below the surface which might interest you.”

Another sigh followed these words, more haughty than the first. He continued, “Antony Savant saved my life on several occasions, I can, without contempt of self, attest to his character and I can say honestly that I know him better than most. Antony always strives to do the greatest good. He fights for those in need, fulfills his ever duty, and conquers every challenge that may dare to meet him.” At this point The Story Master’s pulse was rising rapidly. “Antony Savant is a good man. Antony Savant does not deserve reproach. Antony Savant is…”

The Story Master’s sentence was left unfinished. The world went cold and black around him. He felt his head strike the mirrored table fairly hard, and then nothing. The amulet around his neck began to glow a pale and soft blue…


The air tasted of anticipation as he stood over the inanimate assailant. Breathing heavily he wiped his brow while his hands still felt mostly clean. This was the second bounty hunter in a month. He knelt over the body, which was unmistakably human, and held the blade in his right hand against its torso. Until about two months ago there had been no attempts on his life for some time. His would be killer was dressed in tight black clothes that covered everything but the eyes. He could feel under his blade that the heart was still beating fairly rapidly, a result of their struggle. With some strange pang of emotion he looked to his own left hand. In the center of his hand, a circle of black tattoo and scar tissue spun slowly with a pale and ghastly shimmering white light stuck fast in the center of the circle. He gazed at it and the spinning slowed until it stopped. He then raised his left hand and opened it flat, palm to the sky. The shimmering light rose and dissipated. This man’s soul was not worth stealing. He again turned his attention to the body. With his right hand he felt along the ribs and rested his blade over the heart. He no longer trembled when he killed. And with minimal force he sunk the blade smoothly into the flesh between two ribs. The heart stopped beating. Blood issued forth from the wound. He pulled on the rounded hilt of the blade and removed the metal end of the unphysical sever from the flesh. He wiped the blood off with the assailant’s clothes and rose to his feet.

He took in his surrounds. The world and everything around him always had a different air after forcing the life out of another. The alleyway he stood in for example took on a new light; it felt different from before, it felt now a bit more trivial than before. Even his motivation for being there felt odd after manslaughter. Despite his disillusionment he had a mission and was determined to see it through. The alleyway he occupied happened to be adjacent to The Old Boar’s Inn. It was there that he hoped to gather information. Originally he planned to sever his own soul from its body and ghast about the inn and eavesdrop without running into the old boar himself. He still wasn’t himself since their last encounter. His plans were interrupted however, when he was attacked. Still he had to find out whether The Story Master was in fact somewhere in the Lows.

Surely if Tyros was in The Crossroads this would be his first stop if entering through the Lows like his previous visit.

His thoughts were interrupted by a sudden and unexpected explosion on the other side of a brick wall separating him from the inn. The force knocked him off his feet. Slightly jarred but mostly fine, he noticed something from his place on the ground. He perceived several very strong souls just beyond the wall, he recognized one to be the boar.

Intrigued, he sprawled to his feet and effortlessly scaled the wall to peer over it. And what a curious sight he saw. The boar, a demon possessed man, a woman with a strange presence, another demon physical in form, and some man crawling out of a crush metal capsule with advanced weaponry. Sizing up the situation he was nothing but confused, yet excited. Two demons meant two souls to steal, two souls to subjugate...

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Rhaevnn Xeno

Rhaevnn Xeno
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~In The Beginning~
Time: Third Hour and Three Quarters of High Time

Old Boar's Inn; 2nd Floor

The Boar, for the most part, stood dauntingly in the shattered doorframe, which strangely had started looking better when compared to moments ago.  When Missle had mentioned helping repairs, his mouth moved to speak, but closed when Missle continued to relay the situation, shaking his head as a burly hand reached to the bridge of his snout in obvious frustration, eye closing slowly as he let out a heavy sigh. At a certain point in her explanation, it was clear he was not happy with Missle, and waiting for her to stop talking. However, as if something clicked, his single eye snapped open as Missle jerked a thumb in the direction of the newly made exit. With a movement with such speed that would have been impossible to predict, his stout frame practically bullrushed Missle and picked her up over his head with single hand, his gnarly hand wrapped around her throat like a python.

"SHE'S WHERE?!" The Boar roared, spittle forming around his mouth, his eye wildly radiating with its odd color. "I SWEAR, BY BOTH GRAND DEITIES, IF SHE DIES...!" For a brief moment, he slowly started putting Missle down, as if his thoughts were drifting off. However, his attention quickly snapped back Missle, shaking her like a rag doll as his one eye saw Fitz jumping out the opening, his only part of his input of, "a demon to deal with..." reaching The Boar's ears. His speech was clear as he looked into Missle's eyes, "YOU WANT TO KEEP IN HER ONE PIECE?" Missle's mind would be exploding in color and scenes of terrible gore, even by her standards. She would barely be able to hear The Boar over the sounds of battle, metal clashing and the screams of the dying. She would feel her person being thrown with the force of a giant as the Boar's final words chased her out of the destroyed room, "GO DO IT!," leaving Missle flying through the air directly towards the shape shifting demon and The Boar standing over the edge, panting heavily and roaring to the HighTime sky...


The Lows; Old Boar's Inn, Western Wall
[Fitz/Chad M.F./TST/Missle]

Chad's actions had stalled the beast temporarily, an exposed, fleshy tentacle whipping (and missing) the futuristic man. Screaming in frustration, all eyes were focused on the Master Funk, mouths gnashed as it took one heavy step towards Chad...

However, it suddenly shifted focus, an eye detecting a descending figure: FitzHalceyon. With the arrival of FitzHalceyon, the flesh golem's eyes shifted, constantly glancing between Chad and Fitzhalceyon, a occasional moan or groan coming from one of the many mouths of the hideous beast, as another hideous cry came from it's main mouth. More arms and tentacles began forming as it (literally) eyed up the situation. While it would take an extremely keen eye to notice, its body slowly began to grow, as if it were attempting to bulk in size and mass without anyone noticing.

The moments that followed would be filled with tension, each party carefully weighing the situation, while greeting with small talk (which immediately caused all eyes to fall on the speaker). However, something broke the tense silence: an intelligible roar and a practically limp ragdoll flying from nowhere, plummeting and literally puncturing a hole into the flesh golem.

The beast screamed in pain and instinctively splayed every limb and tentacle in every which way, creating a seemingly impossible-to-dodge barrage of bone ridden flesh spikes...


The Highs; ???

Maybe even surprisingly, luck continued to follow Marn. For the first few minutes, everything was going well - blending in a panicked crowd and acting as the victim was child's play. His combination of skill and injuries helped him play his part, and play it well. They continued to serve him well as he made the assumption that hiding would be a better option than trying to flee.

But where to flee to, this was the question.

In passing, many of the doors, which may have lead to other small rooms or other halls, had been closed for the most part. Many people, whether they looked important or a part of the serving system of assistants, secretaries, or what have you, closed and even locked the doors they were emerging from to quickly join the exodus to the grand double doors. If Marn were to start thinking to himself, he would find his thoughts interrupted as a distorted voice was issued over the moving crowd. "Citizens of the Highs, please remain calm. Please exit the Council Palace in an orderly and calm fashion - do not be alarmed. Do not resist identity checks - this is for your safety. The High Guardare here for your protection. Citizens of the Highs..."

The announcement would continue to loop and it would become painfully obvious that the chaos would soon be dying down - quickly. For Marn, options would be scarce, but then: an opportunity. A door had not been closed all the way to his direct right, hidden by a pillar and from the direct line of sight from both guards and citizen - some resident must not have closed it in a panic to flee the building. However, to his left, he could see a similarly constructed hall - it was closer to the main exit of the palace, and it looked like it may have been a dead end. If he paused in his decision, he may also see a citizen leaving his once-occupied room, reaching in his robes, obviously fishing for his key - maybe, just maybe, Marn may be able to find entrance to the citizen's room.

Regardless what he did, he would have to do it quickly - time was of the essence and more guards were forming at each door, creating a swift perimeter. That, and shouts from behind him were slowly coming to the ears of both incoming guards and fleeing citizen's:

"You there, have you seen a man wearing..."
"Don't let him get away!"


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As Chad fended off the Golem, he suddenly heard some one yell from above, "Yo! Astronaut dude! Need some help?". Chad was a bit skeptical at first as he saw the strange man jump down from the second floor. Never would he have thought that some one would actually help him. Ever since Chad landed in this place he has only been getting into fights and for someone to offer assistance at a moment like this was too good to be true for Chad. "Who are you?" Chad asked cautiously keeping his guard up. The strange man introduced himself as Fitz and the two engaged in small conversation. Chad noticed that Fitz was wearing 21st century clothing, which was very odd and confusing to Chad since they were surrounded by Medieval era buildings. "Where am I?..." Chad muttered to himself as he was talking to Fitz.

Chad's thoughts began to wander. "I thought there were only those humanoid animals living in this place, making me believe I warped to another planet. And considering the 17th century setting, this planet was under-developed. But not only are there mutant animals, there are humans too! And not just any kind of human, he is a 21st century human from my world! How the hell did he get here? The first time we came into contact with alien life was in the year 2353, there is no way he would know about intergalactic travel. Back then, space travel was only a fantasy they made up in cheap Hollywood movies! I am the first human to attempt light speed travel, and I am from the 27th century, so how can someone get here almost 300 years before me?... Now that I think about it, I don't think I am in another planet. I traveled through space AND time. I am in a whole other Universe! This man in front of me is not from my universe, but from an alternate universe of the same world, yet he-"

Before Chad could finish his thought, a limp body from the sky crashed onto the monster, opening a wound. The monster suddenly released spikes from its body along with a screeching roar. Chad quickly snapped out of his thoughts and using his high tech laser katana, he slashed through the monsters spikes before they could reach him. The remnants of the fleshy spikes sizzled and smoked from where they were severed. "Hey Fitz," Chad shouted from across the monster, "Is there anything I should know about this monster?"

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Fitz gazed at the new man, as he looked him over. He was wearing… futuristic clothing? Before Fitz could question the odd man, he was finding himself questioned: “Who are you?” Fitz turned towards the flesh golem and began to walk closer to Chad, very slowly. “My name is Fitz…” Fitz continued his small talk. The stranger introduced himself as Chad Master Funk. ’Chad Master Funk. What the garbage?’ Fitz thought. ’I don’t know. He seems to be from Earth. But a future Earth, mabye. That might explain the name...’ Halcyon replied. Fitz nodded.

As Fitz continued to move by the flesh golem, out of the corner of his eye, he saw Boar-dude with freaky lady standing near the edge. All of sudden, Boar-dude roared and launched freaky lady through the air with astonishing  speed. She punctured the flesh golem who, unknown to Fitz until that moment in time, was slowly getting bigger. The demon unintelligibly roared and launched, pretty much every body part it could, in every direction.

“Shit!” Fitz yelled, as the flesh hurtled towards him. Quickly, he launched Shadow aura from his feet creating a barrier that disintegrated all the flesh and bone that hurtled towards him. Fitz, however, was not as quick as he hoped, and a shard of bone hit him on the right shoulder. Fitz winced. It was not very painful, but as someone who had not been hurt by an enemy in a long time, Fitz’s pride was wounded more. As he stood there, surrounded in Shadow aura he heared Chad call out “Hey Fitz,is there anything I should now about this monster?” Fitz continued looking at the demon. “Well, he’s got some type of regenerative property,” Fitz said, taking a stance and begin to power up “And he’s gonna be a bitch to kill.” Fitz growled as he let Halcyon pour more power into him. He winced as he felt a sharp pain in his right shoulder. ’I can’t believe he hit me…’ Halcyon smiled deviously inside Fitz’s body ’Yes… quite…’

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He watched as the possessed man conversed with the futuristic man. He couldn’t hear what they were saying but they both seemed to be preparing to fight the monstrosity together. At first glance he would have thought that the monster they pitted themselves against was a demon, some physical form housing some sort of spirit but he felt nothing living in the monster; perhaps it was a golem or some other manifestation of will and thus useless to him. He was still excited about the potential of the soul possessing the man below.

His attention suddenly shot to The Boar, who out of nowhere displayed his startling strength and oddly impressive speed. He lunged forward, grabbed the strange woman, yelled something unintelligible, and threw her like an armor piercing round straight into the golem. The boar then loosed a beastly roar.

He didn’t like the boar.

In response to the female projectile, the golem lashed out in a spasm of strength, hurling all it could at the two who would fight it. Even more unexpectedly, the possessed man surged with some black force shielding himself by wholly destroying anything that contact with his power, namely the monster’s flesh.

He wanted that demon! His heart began to race in new anticipation. The Story Master would have to wait a bit longer; this soul was too valuable to ignore.

The two men below exchanged some inaudible words and then the one possessed began to surge with more power as the black flames that engulfed him grew.  

This was his chance, he pulled himself up onto the ledge and removed his sever. He could feel the distance between himself and the possessed man, he knew he could throw the weapon that far, so he wound his arm and threw. The Unphysical Sever stuck fast in the man’s right shoulder, the ethereal end of the blade took purchase on the demon’s spirit.

Brilliant! He thought to himself ecstatic, the capture was half over already.

He looked at his left palm and the scars and tattoo looking marks began to swirl. He reached his hand out towards the man and began to pull at both the possessor and the sever...

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Marn listened to the announcements repeating and was suddenly certain about not using the main exit. He weaved his way to one side of the crowd, towards a line of doors, pulling on one of the handles only to find it locked. Hoping not to arouse suspicion, he played it off casually and kept walking. He found it surprising that the people here would be so calm and so unworried as to lick their doors before evacuating, as if they were just leaving for the day as normal.
Marn looked at the rest of the doors along the side of the hall he was one, all of them seeming to be the same as the one he tried, with the same little red light on the handles. He briefly considered trying the side hallway ahead of him, but there would probably be just as many guards down that way. Instead he spied a door slightly ajar, forgotten in the rush to leave. He slowly moved with the crowd, trying to be patient in approaching the door. When he was almost there, he heard shouting from behind him and he quickly walked to the door and closed it behind him, not taking a chance to look back.

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Suddenly, Fitz felt a push from Halcyon. Usually, this feeling was just Halcyon putting more power into Fitz’s own soul, but this time... it was different. The power was more vile, with more malevolent intent. Fitz begin to feel a pull from his right shoulder. ’Halcyon, what the hell is happening?!?!’ Fitz thought-yelled at his dark soul. Halcyon did not reply, except for unleashing a ridiculous amount of power into their body.

The alley was shook with a giant explosion, with Fitz as the epicenter, with enough power to knock a large human to the ground. When the dust cleared, Fitz’s body was floating in a small crater. His hair had turned to fire, and his skin was as dark as his Shadow Aura now. He was considerably larger now; his muscles rippled underneath his leather trench coat, and it threatened to tear from the mere size. He looked up. Both of his eyes were entirely black, as black as the night, and filled with malice. He laughed; his voice was deeper now, and full of rancor. “Whoever did that,” said the being, “has made a terrible mistake.”
Playground of the Omniverse IC - Page 3 Halcyo11

He was no longer Fitz. Halcyon was in control now.

Shadow Aura raged around Halcyon, much like how Fitz defended himself from the flesh, incinerating all that attempted to touch Halcyon. Any grab towards him would be met with instant disintegration. He gazed over the alley, looking from Chad, to the Boar on the second floor of the Inn, and the mass of flesh that remained of the golem. “Well, I would love to stay and kill you all myself,” Halcyon laughed maniacally, “But I think that our little friend can finish you all off, and I have some chaos to reign down on this universe.” Halcyon stuck out his hands, and out from the center of his body emerged a ball of Shadow that engulfed the entire alley in darkness, except for the light emanating from Chad’s katana. In the darkness, Halcyon shot upwards and landed in front of the Soul Thief whilst the darkness in the alley faded. “I don’t know who you are,” Halcyon leaned in towards the Soul Thief, “Or why you tried to remove our soul, but I hope you realized the severity of what you have done.” Halcyon began to rise from the roof “Oh, and have fun with that pathetic god you stole from me.” And he bolted off towards the north.

If one were to look up, they would see what seemed to be a black comet shooting across the sky. Halcyon found a deserted area near an abandoned building, crashed through the roof, and hit the ground, causing the foundation to shake. Lowering the Shadow Aura that raged around him, he looked through the hole he had made and gazed at the sky, with its two suns. “Well then,” Halcyon muttered to himself, while using shadow aura to cover up the hole and stop the pesky light from entering, “Let’s see what this body has learned since I was in power… of course, after a bit of rest. Flight does take a toll on the body,” He said, rolling his eyes. If only he could have the original body back. Then he would be completely unstopable… No matter. He made due with this body last time. It would have to work for now”Anyway, I have all the time in the world, or should I say, in the universe.” Halcyon smirked as he sat down cross-legged in a corner, folded his arms, and enveloped himself in a ball of shadow, closing his eyes and falling asleep…


Fitz’s two souls were at odds. Fitz felt a strange pull, one that he had never felt before, as if someone was tearing him out of his body. ‘No! Don’t do that!’ Fitz thought, ‘If Halcyon gets control of this body-‘, He was interrupted by Halcyon’s soul pushing him even harder. ‘Sorry Fitz,’ cackled Halcyon, ‘but you’re being evicted!’ and with a final burst of power, shot Fitz out of the body. Fitz hurtled through a strange dagger and towards a lean man on the roof. Fitz flew towards him with ridiculous speed. He hit the man and entered his body, colliding with the man’s own soul. Dammit… thought Fitz, shaking his head. He looked out of the body and saw Halcyon speaking to the man ‘YOU SCUMBAG!!!’ Fitz thought-shouted, but to no avail. He was a soul, in this man’s body. Halcyon could not hear him, as he rocketed away. As Fitz gazed at the soul getaway with his body, he focused his power and pushed himself out of the body and into the physical world, much like Halcyon used to when he was in control. “Goddesses Dammit!” Fitz yelled as he emerged from the man, shaking his fist in Halcyon’s direction. His appearance had changed; His black trench coat was now white, and he no longer had a lower body, but other than that, he was the same. He had the same appearance that Halcyon had when he would emerge from Fitz’s body; nonphysical. He whipped around to face the strange man and shouted “WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?!?!”

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Missile didn't care if he was angry with her over her explanation, but she had to admit that being yanked oversomebody's head without any warning was a bit off-putting. Her vectors grabbed onto the ceiling, giving her some leeway to prevent choking and she inhaled a deep breath as gingerly as she could. "L-like I said, boss-man, monster t-tried to eat us and-"

Violence exploded in her mind, her eyes widening as she stared back at the Boar as he screamed. She was all for violence, all for chaos and destruction - but only against those who had caused her direct insult or harm. Death for the sake of causing death could be a little out there, and she grabbed his wrist, immediately trying to get away as he shook her. "Hey, hey, hey, hey! Easy!!!"

Falling through the air with his last parting shot ringing in her ears, she wrenched herself around and realized where she was heading. "... Fu-"

Headfirst into the beast's back.


Grabbing handfuls of flesh, realizing that she was going to have to rip this thing apart from the inside again and not enjoying it as much this time, she found herself agitated by the lack of room. The demon seemed in pain and she smiled darkly before focusing on ripping open what she assumed to be its stomach. Something was definitely, definitely wrong - sharp teeth stabbed at her from all angles once inside and she grimaced, hating the scratches and minor stabbings. Oh what the fuck-

She blinked a bit, squinting in the muck, and grabbed an arm rent with bite marks and holes. But Bess was alive - chewed on a bit, poked a bit, but damnably alive.

She wrapped her arms around the vampiress she loathed, her vectors grasping and pushing apart the pieces she'd already torn away from the shapeshifter. Air hit her back and she pushed backward with her feet, pulling Bess with her. "Listen to me, bar wench, the Boar wants you safe, so don't try any funny shit," she muttered, head against the vampire's back, "swear to god, I'm too young and hate you too much to fucking play hero," she continued to mumble and bitch.

The shapeshifter was being hit, smacked, and otherwise assaulted, and she was glad she was on the other side of it; trying to escape unhindered would be difficult had she gone the Chest-Bursting way. Four vectors reached back into the alleyway to yank herself and Bess from harm's way, and she lay the waitress on the ground to check the injuries. Dammit, she swore to herself, she wasn't a fucking medic, this was fucking stupid, she just didn't want to get kicked out of the inn, she thought.

There may have also been the fact that she couldn't really defend against melee too well...

"Bess, hey, you with me here?" She glanced back at the shapeshifter; she'd carried them a decent length away, but she did not like what she saw. "Here, just-" Missile bit and tore at the side of her own wrist, below her thumb. "-eat up, you're gonna need it." She held the bleeding bite against Bess's mouth, disgusted with herself but fearing more the Boar's rage than her self-loathing.

Overhead, a black comet streaked across the sky and she heard the voice of Fitz screaming at someone, and when she looked again, she saw what looked more like a ghost than anything else - what the fuck was going on!?


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Before Chad could come up with any plans to take out the monster with his new ally, Fitz, a mysterious man approached Fitz from behind. Before Chad could give off any warning, the man threw a ghastly knife at Fitz. It latched on to Fitz and began pulling some dark figure out of his body. Chad, being unable to help could only watch in shock.

"What the hell is going on?" Chad thought. "I can't go in and help him right now. This monster will get me before I do anything... Speaking of which, its eyes aren't even looking at me. Whats the point of having all those eyes to be focusing on just one thing? Although I did notice it shift its attention back and forth as I was talking to Fitz. Maybe it is attracted to sounds. I hate to do this, but I can't help you Fitz. I have to come up with a plan to take this monster while I still have-"

Chad's thoughts was suddenly interrupted by an explosion. Before Chad's eyes, Fitz transformed into a dark entity. The aura emitted from him was murderous. It was no longer the Fitz Chad just met but Halceyon who took over his body. “Well, I would love to stay and kill you all myself,” Halcyon laughed maniacally, “But I think that our little friend can finish you all off, and I have some chaos to reign down on this universe.” Halcyon stuck out his hands, and a ball of Shadow engulfed the alley in darkness, except for the light emanating from Chad’s katana. Chad felt his heart pump as the darkness engulfed his surrounding. He held his katana closer to him, the only source of light in this dark nightmare.

"Is this real?" Chad thought. "How can I stand up to this!? What do I do?" Chad clenched his hands around his sword and prepared for the worst... Halcyon shot upwards and landed in front of the mysterious man whilst the darkness in the alley faded. Chad became a bit more relieved. Halceyon said something to the mysterious man that Chad couldn't hear, and then he flew off into the distance.

After Halceyon took his leave, Chad stood in shock at what he saw, but soon snapped out of it once he remembered there were other things to take care of at the moment. A strange looking woman crawled out of the monster dragging a body with her. Chad remembered that it was the limp body that crashed onto the Golem earlier. "How did she survive?" Chad wondered, but that is not important right now. Chad lost his ally and must now face the monster alone.

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'Janie. What kind of name is Janie?'
As much as she was afraid of revealing her true identity, Tara realized her unnecessary cautiousness. Judging by her manner, Sophie was probably not a threat. In fact, she looked like a regular doctor if she didn't have the helmet. Her genuine care for Tara could have even dropped her guard.

But there was no room for comfort in Tara's mind. Her mind was still restless from the shock she had since waking up. Sophie kept trying to talk to Tara, but her words kept slipping out of Tara's mind.

'Think! Think,' Tara thought to herself. 'Where could I be right now?'
She closed her eyes to visualize what could have happened, but it was like staring into a dark tunnel. The further she went in search of her past, the darker it became. The only thing she could find in her memory was the amulet.

'I need to find this guy with the amulet,' Tara thought, 'but I need to find others first. I wonder if I'm somewhat near the Settlement? Maybe I can get some help from Casey.'

Then the alarm went off. As soon as Sophie and the robot left the room, Tara took the opportunity to try to escape.

'Move your leg,' she told herself. 'MOVE.YOUR.LEGS.' She put her willpower to the test. 'I am going to move my legs.' She could not remember the last time she was standing. 'I can do this. Just lift up your damn legs!'

Nothing happened.

She knew that she could not possibly run out of the room. She looked around. To her left, there was a pad connected to her bed, and it said nurse, help, and on.

Sophie could be someone who can help Tara. She froze and just stared into the pad. "I want to trust you," Tara murmured, and reached for the help button.
Then she stopped.

Her face started to turn red. Her body got hotter and her face contorted with anger and frustration. Not only her current physical weakness, but also her emotional vulnerability that she had all throughout her life started to bother Tara to the point of embarrassment.
'No. Never again.'

She clicked on the On button, and the bed started to float.
If the nurse bot was programmed to follow her and protect her at all times, Tara would have no problem at escaping the room.
However, if the robot was ordered to keep Tara in the room, she had to either turn off the robot, or destroy it with water.

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Something was wrong. He felt what he could only describe as a pulse of malice, it felt like siphoning evil itself. Immediately he tried to slow and stop the pull in his left hand, but there was nothing he could do. The Unphysical Sever hurled towards him with unbelievable speed. It pierced his soul with the ghostly blade buried to the round hilt in his torso; attached to the sever was a soul that was foreign to him. This strange soul was flung into his body with such force that he was thrown onto his back hitting the roof hard. A piercing ringing noise pervaded through his head and felt like it affected his entire being. His head was throbbing and he rolled onto his side with just enough time to avoid vomiting on himself. He was consumed by pain; despite this he pulled himself to the edge of the roof and looked down at what he had done.

It appeared that he had removed the possessed rather than the possessor. What was left was nothing but a presence of evil hovering in a crater. The demon’s skin was blacker than pitch and its hair was like fire and it had doubled in size.

His ears were ringing and he could hear nothing. But the demon spoke and its word permeated throughout his soul “Whoever did that has made a terrible mistake.” Its voice like poison.

He rolled over and lied on his back. His body felt horrible and over-occupied. Suddenly all was enveloped in darkness. Unearthly fear gripped him. A cold sweat covered his body. He began to shiver.

What have I done he thought, exasperated and ridden with some unknowing guilt.

He felt the demon flash to the roof he was lying on and frozen with fear he stared unmoving into its dark eyes as it spoke, “I don’t know who you are, or why you tried to remove our soul, but I hope you realized the severity of what you have done.” To his great relief the demon then rose from the roof and added, “Oh, and have fun with that pathetic god you stole from me.” The demon flew of leaving a trail of black in its wake.

He sat up and began to gasp for air. From within his body he felt some strange movement and then a spectral form appeared before him and yelled, “WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?!?!”

He screamed. “GET OUT OF ME!!!” He was frantic. He reached for the sever and stabbed the physical end into his chest and tried to force the other soul out. However once he had the other soul in his hand his own soul began to phase through with the other.

“Masters, what’s happening?!” He shouted both physically and mentally.

Your souls are entangled, retreat for now, was the only response.

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The man’s eyes widened. Fitz hovered there looking into his eyes; he was in obvious shock. “GET OUT OF ME!!!” The man wailed, grabbing some sort of double sided dagger, and plunged it into his chest.

“What in the goddesses green earth are you doing?!?” Fitz yelled “Bitch, you are NOT going suicidal on me!!!” Fitz prepared to take over the body. The mans soul was human; it was much weaker than his and would be easy to subdue, but he would only do it for long enough to save him from the obviously fatal wound he had just inflicted on himself. Fitz didn't enjoy the idea of possessing someones body without consent, but if it was to save this mans life, he would do it.

But, oddly enough, the man barely reacted to the knife in his chest. Nor did he appear to be in any kind of discomfort. “Masters, what’s happening?!” Fitz heard the man shout. A reply was heard in thought-speak; Your souls are entangled, retreat for now.

Obviously, Fitz thought to the man, I collided with your soul. There's no way a mortal- Wait… you know thought-speak?!?! Fitz looked through the being of the man. Thought-speak was a language reserved to people who usually had multiple souls and Fitz had never heard of anyone ever using it other than him. No, your body doesn't have any other souls in it… Fitz muttered, scanning the mans body. Than he laid his eyes on the scarf. It was flowing with countless souls, all trapped in its scarfy essence.

What the hell… Fitz thought. He had never seen something like this before. Fitz brought his hand up to his face and rubbed it in obvious frustration. “OK, we obviously got off on the wrong foot. My name is Fitz Alphagenoi,” Fitz said, bringing his hands down and looking into the man’s eyes, “And I am a god. Furthermore, if you look in the alley,” He said pointing towards Missile, Chad, Bess, and the golem “We have a problem that we could probably use some help with. And now that my body has been taken over by the most vile, sadistic being in the universe due to YOUR interference, I feel like you should be obliged to help”

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Rhaevnn Xeno

Rhaevnn Xeno
Forum God
Forum God
~In The Beginning~
Time: Third and Three Quarters of HighTime

Tutmose; ???

For someone who had never experienced such advanced technology, Tara's assumptions would prove to be genius - and extremely accurate. Pressing the button on the small control panel caused her place of rest to start levitating, though the levitation was sudden enough for to cause a little fright. Regardless, she would be no longer confined to the small box the doctor had left her in - she was free to roam, as a small joystick appeared where her left would be resting on the "bed's" armrest. It would be comfortably in her reach, and easy enough to maneuver. However, exiting the room would more than likely be more than difficult that reading and pressing an on button.

The door in which the first nurse bot and doctor had left had only shown itself twice, and Tara would have only been able to catch a glimpse of the lightning fast shutter that currently prevented her from exiting the building. Assuming that she would attempt to leave the room, she more than likely would find some difficulty finding the door to begin with. However, this would only be a small road bump - the nurse bot, on the other hand, would prove to be an obvious annoyance.

"Patient - mobile." The nurse bot would announce, scanning the room once more as Tara maneuvered herself about the room. "Unauthorized use of transportation in progress." The nurse bot would make towards the bed-bound girl, tethering itself to the floating bed with a blue-colored laser. This, unfortunately, would cause Tara's joystick to disappear back into the arm rest - freedom seemed so far away now.

However, fate was not done with the flame haired girl just yet.

"Repositioning patient, in progre--" The nurse bot's announcement was cut short, halting in position. A computerized beep, as if an error message occurred, and then the robotic annoyance continued, "Objective updated - prepare for transit." The shutter door then miraculously opened, and Tara found her bed being led out of the room by her once jailer and into a white-washed hall. The low ceilinged hall, was very much like her room - very white, and gently lit, the entire ceiling one giant light going either direction of left or right. The floor was evenly tiled, perfectly aligned for maximum smoothness and carefully crafted to resemble a clean hospital.

Such details, however, might be lost on the girl as the nurse bot pulled her along down the hall, clearly on a mission, and not stopping for anything. The alarm had grown much louder, blaring down the hall as armored individuals jogged quickly in either direction, going in the same direction as Tara, or in the opposite. Dozens of nurse bots were also present, swarming this way and that, calling out given commands and announcing their task in one monotone babble.  As for the armored soldiers, to where they were going, she would not know, for no one talked. They only moved swiftly in pairs, and as if on an, important mission. Minutes after she left the room, three more nurse bots would latch themselves onto Tara's floating transport, announcing themselves as the first nurse bot had:

"Objective updated - prepare for transit."

The winding of halls and constant movement of the same cloned robots and armor would soon make it impossible for Tara to know where she had been or where she was going, but she would soon know her destination. The robotic medics had only increased their speed with numbers and the red head would soon find herself entering through another large shutter door and into a fairly large, polished white room. In the room, a transport was already humming, its doors, as if waiting for something or someone. An armored figure stood off to the side near the door, similarly armored as those Tara had seen before, though he had a different helmet on.

"Transit in-progress."

The nurse bots would board the ship, carefully guiding the floating bed to a pedestal, where it would gently touchdown and allow Tara's guides to untether themselves. "Transit complete - beginning rest cycle." All four of the robotic orbs would station themselves in circular openings in the shuttle's bay, and shut down, folded in some sort of hibernation. The armored figure would be boarding the shuttle, closing the doors as he did, "Hiya, sweetie. Need anything before we take off?" If Tara began to signs of distress or confusion, the pilot would fill her into the details, removing a tablet from his side and showing her a schedule of sorts, with written notes. "Don't worry, sweets - we're just moving you from this dump to a better place for you to get patched up. After all, this is only a field hospital."

He would pat her gently on the shoulder before passing her, and into a "room" beyond, more than likely the cockpit. There would be a brief silence before Tara would hear a whirr of machinery, and a rush of movement. Suddenly, either wall to her left or right would slowly start sliding down, revealing a wall sized window for Tara to see everything that was happening.

She was flying.

The white room that she had been escorted into had opened like a blossoming flower and allowed the ship to exit, flying high above what appeared to be a city. And unless the future had cities the size of Tutmose, it would be the largest collaboration of houses, streets, and walls that the red headed girl had ever seen. She could see it all (though she would not know what it was) - the vast, chaotic expanse of The Lows, the wall separating Tutmose from the WildWood, the engraved walls of The Middles, the towering, reflective surface of The Highs - all of it she would be able to behold. If she had any questions, they would be more than likely be answered by the pilot, hopefully anyway. It would all so much to take in, not only from the sheer size of the world below her, but possibly at the fact that she could possibly realize she was no longer anywhere near where she had spent her life.

The shuttle hummed with the efficiency of a well maintained engine, covering a large amount of distance in a moderate amount of time. At this time, Tara would be able to wonder and think as she pleased, but she would eventually be interrupted by the pilot, who strolled through the cockpit door with a confident ease. "Well, she's on auto pilot now." His helmet would be removed, a smile stretching across his face, "Soon, we'll be in The Highs, you can be as snug as a bug in a rug, and you'll be able to get out of the bed." He laughed before continuing, "Maybe you'll even join the ranks - that's how I started anyw--" Suddenly the ship would rock violently, as if something heavy had it it. Warning lights and alarms went off as the pilot swiftly put his helmet back on, "Shit!" he would yell, bolting back to the cockpit. Near the doors, a red-hot circle had begun to form, spinning clockwise as the nurse bots suddenly came to life, announcing their intentions:

"Intruder - Rear entrance!"
"Intruder - prepare defensive action!"
"Intruder! Prepare patient for evasive maneuvers!"
"Intruder - prime weapons!"

Tara would find a series of metallic clamps moving around her, the robot's hands moving quickly over her, pulling a seatbelt-like across her chest as the shuttle began to tilt to its starboard side. "Hang on!" The pilot yelled as the ship span in a complete circle. Whatever had been causing the the red hot circle stopped briefly, but it quickly started once more - flares were starting to emerge from the outside. Something was definitely cutting into the ship.

"Prepare for enemy contact!" The pilot yelled as the medic droids began to form a tight circle around Tara's bed. Tara would be helpless in the meantime, but if she really wanted to, she could unbuckle the seatbelt and try to make her escape...


The Lows; Old Boar's Inn, Western Alley
[Chad M.F./Fitz/Missle/Jeannot]

The reaction time of both Chad and Fitz were that of skilled and experience warriors, practically instantaneously repelling the shapeshifting demon's panicked attack. The demon's screams increased, however, not pain, but in rage. It had pulled itself together, its full size beginning to tower, ready to bring its large forearms down on Chad. Well, at least until Missle had plummeted into it, ripping a woman-sized in its back and causing it topple on to its face due to the force of which Missle had hit it. In theory, this would have given any one of the defending individuals to finish it off, but the chaos that had only started to begin became incarnated.

As Halcyon emerged in full form, shadows drowning the air in shadows and malice, one could almost swear he heard a sickly cackle emerging from the mouths of the fallen flesh golem, who slowly was rising as Halcyon made his speech and took his leave, shooting into the sky, shadows leaving as he did. Then it happened:

Chaos. So much chaos.

The golem let out a roar, sprouting four massive limbs from its back, fully intending to smash Chad as it swung them down simultaneously in a vicious, quadruple arc. Meanwhile, Missle's exit had not gone unnoticed - as she slunk away, cutting herself to help revive a not-so-healthy Bess, the golem's gaping back hole began to form into a single, giant tentacle, slithering its way to the women, its bone ridden flesh scraping on the dirt covered stone, fully intent on ensnaring one of the women. Bess herself was in a state of shock, her eyes wide with fright, her skin giving the appearance of being acid bitten, as well as poke with so many holes it looked like someone had shot several rounds of buckshot into her body after raking it over a cheese grater.

Meanwhile, Jeannot's antagonizing of the whole situation had surprisingly not attracted most of the present individual's attention - even the golem, with his many eyes, did not see the soul thief's attack on Fitz, nor did it see him flailing in a panicked state on the roof top. However, someone did: The Boar.

"SOUL THIEF!" His bass voice boomed like thunder as he pointed his golden mace at the soul-entangled man. The Boar was upset, enraged. The usually rational being had fallen under his family's curse - battle rage. With another terrible roar, The Boar leapt from the second story hole in the Old Boar's Inn and did the unthinkable; for someone of his weight and size, the battle scarred warrior was astonishingly agile - his strength would also leave the greatest of weight lifters gawking at what would transpire.

From his perch, The Boar only stepped back twice before charging out into empty air - amazingly, his strong legs propelled the animal humanoid across an almost impossible space between the wall and the golem. With a tremendous impact, The Boar collided with the flesh golem's back, causing the four limbs that were intended for Chad to overextend as they came crashing down. The result? Four shrapnel covered smashed into the alley's wall above Chad, causing bone to splinter as spittle sprayed from the golem's mouths, a painful screech filling the air. But The Boar's rampage did not stop there - up the mouthed and eyed back, The Boar continued to charge, swinging his might mace at anything that moved or twitched - including the base of the tentacle that was stalking both Missle and Bess. The hunting limb writhed and struggled as it was blown off from its body, bashed away by the golden mace as The Boar leaped from the flailing limbs of the flesh golem and towards the roof in an epic fashion, golden mace swinging over head in a vertical blow, threatening to snuff the soul thief's life out of existence...


The Highs; Council Palace

The pressure was rising - Marn was given only a split second decision, and a decision he did make. His swift actions relieved the immediate danger of soldiers potential discovering their quarry limping away into the crowd, but what lay beyond the door, may be far worse. As Marn burst the door and closed it behind him, he would find himself in a most awkward position.

The first thing Marn would possibly noticed was a woman would be seated behind a desk, sitting in a large chair, looking to Marn with a slightly disdainful smile. "Can I help you?." Any response from Marn would cause her to touch the bridge of her nose with her right hand's index and middle finger, before make a "shoo" waving motion as Marn spoke. If he spoke for too long, she would cut him off, readjusting her decorative wrappings around the curved horns on her head, "To be frank, I don't really know why you're here or what you're planning on doing, but leave. Now. I already have far too much on my plate with this twi'lek bitch trying to--" She would stop abruptly, immediately pulling at her throat as if an invisible hand were choking her.

A blood red figure, dressed in dark garb, stepped out from behind the chair, a cynical smirk on her face. "Well, you had been able to leave, but since she--" The seated woman gasped as the grip seemed to tighten, "Decided to reveal me..." The twi'lek motioned to a corner seat where a sofa would be sitting, next to a grandly carven book case. "Take a seat." If Marn refused to comply or attempted to open the door behind him to make an escape, the red skinned alien would somehow magically lift Marn and slam him down into the chair, breaking the piece of furniture in the process.

Turning back to her victim, the twi'lek would continue to speak, "Now, where were we, m'lady?"

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Bile rose in the back of Missile's throat as she realized the extent of the damage the monster had done to the vampire she hated. She'd seen worse - ripped apart humans, both slowly and swiftly, done agonizing things to people's brains with her vectors, caused wreckage on a massive scale... but acid? Acid damage was making her skin crawl, churning her stomach and causing nausea unlike anything she'd felt before.

"Dammit, Bess, just bite my arm already and-" The scraping of bone on the stones caught her attention but she didn't look back, just sent twelve of her vectors out to grasp and tear at the tentacle to slow its pace. "We need you alive, now fucking, just-" She tore a bigger bite in her hand, blood now steadily dripping onto the vampiress' mouth.

"SOUL THIEF!" The pink-haired woman looked up, hearing the Boar's shout into the sky as she realized Fitz had vanished from the battlefield. Er, alleyway.

"... Oh my god, not right now, shit!" She gingerly pried Bess's mouth open with her free hand, terrified of actually being bitten by the wench. "Come on already, start drinking or eating or whatever it is you do!"

As the Boar beat the monster to death - seemed to be doing the trick, from her point of view - she threw the newly severed limb away from them as she looked up to watch the owner of the tavern fly up to whatever it was that had angered him so.


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As much as Fitz wanted to fully acquaint himself with Jeannot, fate would not let them talk yet. What the- Fitz thought as he watched Boar Dude leap from the inn to the golem, batter the golem with his mace, and bound towards Jeannot. Time seemed to stand still, the Boar Dude in midair, with his golden mace, glinting in the sun, held high above his head, threatened to obliterate Jeannot, and the Soul Thief, still recovering from his harrowing experience with Halcyon and the absorption of Fitz. I really didn't want to do this!! Fitz thought-shouted as he quickly infiltrated Jeannot's body, and took control. The mace was hovering, mere inches away from connecting with Jeannot’s skull, when Fitz had full control. He immediately pushed off, intending to merely get out of the way of the mace, but found himself soaring to the left. “What the hell?!” Fitz shouted as he flew a solid 10 feet across the roof. He connected with the shingles on the top and skidded at least another foot. “Sweet baby Goddessess,” Fitz grinned, as he veered to face Boar Dude. “This body is SO much lighter than mine.”

He stood straight up and gazed at his body. Jeannot’s features had changed; His hair stood on end and was a bright gold, like Fitz’s. His pupils changed to a deep red, and his face had widened. He almost looked like a new person. Must be a side effect of the my Aura. Fitz thought. There was no time to admire, however. The Boar Dude was still on the roof, furious, for Goddesses knows why at Jeannot. “Well then,” Fitz smirked, bringing his hands up and bouncing a little. “Let’s see what we can do about this.” And dashed towards the Boar Dude.

Of course, that's what he planned to happen. Instead, as soon as Fitz pushed off, he found himself in the sky again. “Of course…” Fitz muttered as he flew through the air, face locked in an apathetically neutral scowl. Tumbling around in midair, he found himself hitting the shingles once more, and rolling towards the edge on the opposite side of the building from whence the Boar Dude came. Quickly, Fitz reached out to grab something, a shingle, ANYTHING to prevent them from falling the 2-3 stories. He felt the touch of a stray gutter and… missed it.

Jeannot and Fitz hurtled towards the ground. Dammit JP. You're messing everything up. Fitz thought as they plummeted a dizzying height, What can I do?? The earth came to meet them faster than Fitz thought it would. They collided with a considerable thud, torso first, arms tucked in to the chest. Their eyes flashed as they struck the ground.

Damn… That hurt more than I was hoping it to… Fitz thought as he winced in pain. Thank gods my light aura still works... A split second before they had hit the ground, Fitz had shot out powerful blasts of light aura, slowing their fall and partially softening the ground below them. “Definitely bruised something though…” Fitz muttered as he lay there. He looked at his hands. They had mild first degree burns on them; a side effect of the first time using light aura. Fitz lay on the ground pondering his next move. He slowed his breathing, and lay perfectly still; to at least 10ft away, he would appear dead, unconscious at best.. His eyes shot around the alley, looking for something to use to his advantage, but all he saw was trash and garbage. Crap... I have an idea, but it all rides on him He thought as he listened intently for the crossbreed. His next move solely depended on the boar.

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Of all the things Marn was expecting past the door, somehow this wasn't it. A woman simply sitting in her chair, not calm exactly, but not very worried and making no sign that she was leaving with the rest of the building. The woman's reaction to some strange man scrambling into her room was also odd, no surprise or anger, just irritation and disdain. It mat have been the concussion, but it took a split second for Marn to respond.

"Just looking for a quiet place to catch my breath as it were." Marn replied, trying to be at least a little friendly. The woman continued on, not seeming to care what he had said regardless. Suddenly the woman was choking at nothing, and a red... thing clothed in a black robe appeared. It looked human in the most basic form of the word, but it definitely was not human. Marn had heard stories about demons and other creatures summoned from magic gone wrong, but none matched the description he saw before him. Still, it was just another enemy right now, an enemy that could use magic apparently, though he saw no stones on her.

He raised his hands up behind his head and tried to sound weak and afraid. "Al- alright, no need for violence." He sat down on the couch, his hands still behind his head. As he sat, he began healing his head wound with his left hand, while with the other he began charging energy. He would wait until he was done healing himself before attacking the creature, but if it looked like it was about to kill the woman, he would abandon healing himself and throw what energy he stored in his hand at the thing, hoping he could control it enough to not hit the woman.

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"SOUL THIEF!" the Boar shouted from above as he jumped down and intercepted the Golem's massive attack on Chad and mauled the creature. Chad stood in shock and relief as he watched the Boar's barrage of attacks on the deformed monster. The Boar then ran after some mysterious figure.

"I'm assuming he was the one that caused the mess earlier with Fitz" Chad thought to himself. "I'll let the Boar handle him for now and I can get information later". Chad sheathes his katana and calmly walks over to the beaten down monster with a slight limp from his previous injuries. "I'll admit, that Boar saved me a lot of trouble, however he unknowingly left this creature alive". Chad noticed the Flesh Golem slowly collecting its body parts and regenerating. "But its alright. I can finish it off." Chad pulls out one of his bombs, sets a timer on it and tosses it in the monster's open wound. "A monster like this can only regenerate externally, meaning there are two ways to take it out. It's either its taken out in one massive attack, or you eliminate its internal vitals making it unable to regenerate". Chad then glances at the two girls who came out of the monster and said, "I suggest you two get out of here". Chad walks past the monster distancing himself from the Golem.

A few moments later Chad hears a monstrous cry along with a loud blast from the bomb. Chad felt the heat of the explosion on his back and he could hear the monster's remnants burn to a crisp. Chad reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a pill which he ingests. "Its not like having a doctor treat me, but at least it helps heal my injuries a bit faster" Chad mutters to himself. As Chad walks out of the alley he sighs "What do I do now?"

Chad's ear piece suddenly began to act up. "C..a.. d.. ..ou r..a.. m..?" rang in Chad's ear. "What!?" Chad's eyes widen in astonishment. "Ch..d ..re yo.. th..r..?" The message was gradually becoming clear "Chad! Chad respond!" The ear piece finally sent an understandable message! "Yes! This is Chad! I copy!" Chad quickly responded with an ecstatic expression on his face and laughter of relief and joy.

Unknown: "Chad, this Captain Classic reporting from HQ. What is your status?"
Chad: "I have a few minor injuries, but I took the pill already so I should be better soon. I am in some 17th century world inhabited by some humanoid animal crossbreeds. Unfortunately the ship got wrecked when I crashed here."
Classic: "We thought that might have happened. We have been trying to contact you for the past three days."
Chad: "Three days!?"
Classic: "Of course for you it might have felt like a few hours has passed considering the speed you were traveling."
Chad: "Captain, is there any way for me to get out of here?"
Classic: "Sadly, no. There is no way for you to return. However, we are planning to send in a rescue team to get you out of there."
Chad: "Great! How long will that take?"
Classic: "We don't know. It could take weeks, months, maybe even years."
Chad: "Years?..."
Classic: "But don't be alarmed. We have assembled a team of experts to give you any advice and information you need to survive in that world. It would be a good idea to get familiar with them."
Chad: "Hmm, a team..."
Classic: "On the team we have our medic, Dr. Bobby Blues. He will give you health advice and first aid instructions.
Beatles: "Nice to meet you."
Classic: "We have our tech expert Daphne Punk. She can give you info about your equipment and can help you modify them if necessary."
Punk: "Pleasure to meet ya, Chad."
Classic: "For our weapons expert, we have Aaron Maiden."
Maiden: "Hey."
Classic: "And finally we have our research expert, Robin Rock. Anything you need to know about, history, people, places, things, basically anything, she is the one to talk to.
Rock: "I'll do my best to help you out."
Chad: "Thanks everyone. If anything comes up, I'll let you guys know. Over and out."

Chad disconnects the signal on his ear piece and moves on to find out where that mysterious man is.

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He could hear the other soul’s thoughts mumble throughout his mind. It was the worst thing he had ever felt in his young life. He felt violated. He rebelled against the other soul with all his will but it was futile, they were stuck.

A sensation of surprise radiated from the other soul and it thought to him, “you know thought-speak?!?!” In a tone of astonishment the soul went on and the communication left his head screaming with pain. Seemingly unawares the soul began to  continued,

“OK, we obviously got off on the wrong foot. My name is Fitz Alphagenoi and I am a god. Furthermore, if you look in the alley we have a problem that we could probably use some help with. And now that my body has been taken over by the most vile, sadistic being in the universe due to YOUR interference, I feel like you should be obliged to help”

He couldn’t stand it, the whole experience was absolutely vile. He covered his ears and screamed out loud, “SHUT UP!!! I DON’T CARE WHO OR WHAT YOU ARE!!! I AM NOT OBLIGED TO DO ANYTHING!!! GET THE HELL OUT OF MY BODY!!!

He heard someone else yelling in the distance. He vaguely made out, “SOUL THIEF!" But his senses were bombarded by the presence of the other soul.

A moment later the pain stopped. Instead he felt nothing at all. The other soul had taken control of his faculties. When the foreign soul took over he bore what the body felt from whatever the body was subjected,as it was the soul that was tied to its nervous system. Jeannot took sidecar in his own body, and the other soul was doing something, running about, maybe from the boar. He was not aware what was going on and he didn't care to. He felt like he was being tossed about like a rag-doll. So withdrew deep within himself.

He heard familiar voices touch his consciousness.


“Masters!” was all he could respond, he felt spiritually lethargic.

They continued, "There is little we can do, but this other soul is far more powerful than you. Far too much at risk here, the boar is chasing you. So we will wager for the this soul's success. For now relinquish all control to him and we shall see what he is capable of.”

Their thoughts were soothing on his irritated soul but he disagreed. However he trusted their judgment so he consented and completely surrendered control of the body...

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